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Monday, April 30, 2012

Chinese, Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative Almost Ready To Ride?

Ever heard of the Chongqing motorcycle industrial cluster? It's a collective or collection of dozens, perhaps hundreds of different motorcycle companies all located in or near the inland, western city of Chongqing in China, in what is called a creative industries cluster. Chongqing's history as a manufacturing hub dates back prior to the beginning of World War II when China started moving iron works and other important industries far away from their shores which were being constantly invaded by Japan.

From the Chongqing Municipal Government: "Chongqing is quite competitive in technology and education. There are more than 1 thousand R&D institute, 600 thousand technological employees; 57 superior colleges and universities, 650 thousand students engaging in studying in school; 356 professional colleges, 450 thousand students engaging in studying in school, more than 100 provincial and national institutes; more than 800 thousand professional talents, 100 thousand university graduates and 200 thousand professional college graduates each year, out of question, all of them above could meet the talent need of international enterprises."

I promise you there is not a single city in the USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Australia, Europe or anywhere else in the world, that can compete on that level-- not one.

Engines for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Cleveland Cycle Works and many other brands are currently manufactured in Chongqing by companies like Lifan, Zongshen and hundreds more. Motorcycles and other manufacturing have made Chongqing one of the most powerful cities in the world. By working together in ways competing manufacturers don't usually work together, these companies now have to power to manipulate governments and world markets. It's time Americans learned how to do the same.

And finally, while the Chinese are riding in record numbers, here in the Carolinas, "Steve, the Stripper, Wooley and I met yesterday with a consultant who is helping us with getting the Carolina Motorcycle Cooperative off the ground. Ordinarily we couldn't afford such services but she's looking to get her first motorcycle soon and needs help as she wants to fix up an older bike rather than buy a new motorcycle and has never before turned a wrench." Please continue reading...

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