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Monday, July 4, 2011

Modding The Rifle Superbike Fairing

Like most who ride, I've never seen anything motorcycle related I didn't think could be improved upon. And while the Rifle Superbike Fairing is a great motorcycle fairing there are a few mods you can do to make it an even better fairing. If you click on the pictures they will expand.

I've been using cardboard and duct tape to experiment with reshaping the airflow around my own fairing. I've since pulled the tape off as evidenced by the residue and hope to soon start making some permanent modifications to the fairing itself. Now on to my first Rifle Superbike Fairing mod.

Look at the fairings used by the most accomplished Iron Butt Riders and you'll notice a common thread when it comes to the fairings they choose-- venting. Venting reduces fogging and improves laminar airflow while reducing turbulence behind the fairing. Venting the Rifle Superbike fairing is as easy as loosing the bolts, replacing the front bolts with longer bolts and 1/2" nylon spacers. This tips the windshield back only slightly and allows an upward airflow along the back side of the glass.

From a little farther away only the white fasteners make it noticeable. Sadly, the only nylon bolts I could find at my local hardware store were all white in color.

I do wish the windshield on the Rifle Superbike Fairing measured 20" instead of 18" as I could stand a couple more inches and still manage to see over the windshield. To adjust for that I may have to lower my riding height with shorter rear shock absorbers though I am considering an attempt at making a taller windshield.

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