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Monday, June 27, 2011

Motorcycle Camping At Walmart

Camping in a campground is great but when camping on the fly, finding a suitable campsite can sometimes be difficult and expensive. Most commercial campgrounds are geared towards RVs and some even refuse motorcyclists and others camping in tents. Guerrilla camping is cool and all but it can get you arrested for tresspassing. A Walmart parking lot doesn't have the ambiance of some secluded campsite by a mountain stream but when all you're looking for is a safe place to spend the night before going on the next morning, camping at Walmart where they have security guards, restrooms, restaurants, groceries, ice, camping supplies and bungee cords to replace the ones that broke while riding, just makes sense.

Now I've never heard of anyone motorcycle camping at Walmart but recreational vehicle owners do it all the time. For those with smart phones or other forms of portable internet access, finding a Walmart is as easy as clicking the link to their storefinder.

Fact is, you could leave home with nothing but your motorcycle and pick up everything you need at the Walmarts you find along the way.

From what I've read on the Internet, Walmart's company policy towards RV camping is as follows: "I called the corporate offices of Wal-Mart in Arkansas and asked what its overnight RV parking policy was. They were very friendly and said it was company policy to allow Rv'ers overnight parking. They also said it would be advisable to check in with the store manager when you arrive as a courtesy. However, they said if we ran into a store that refused us we were to report this to them."

I'm thinking I might try motorcycle camping at Walmart. My thinking is that as long as I'm not using alcohol or drugs, not littering, not damaging Walmart property, not causing problems for others and not breaking any other laws, that Walmart can't have any legal grounds to deny motorcyclists as long as they don't deny RVers. Fact is: After a full day in the saddle I'm too tired to cause any trouble for anyone. Does Walmart have a different policy concerning motorcycle camping? Want to find out? Anyone?