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Sunday, March 6, 2011

XS 650 Spin-on Oil Filter Instructions

I'm installing one of these on my XS650, Nothin Special. Previously I had concerns about the filter sticking out the side of the engine but now that I've added crash bars it's not a worry.

Above photo and instructions via 650Central.

Note: I've edited their content below and added pictures to make the job less intimidating.

In the Kit:

(1) spin-on adapter

(1) gasket

(2) ¼”x20x¾” socket head cap screws

(1) Loctite 620

You will need:

#7 or 13/64” & 1/4” drill bits

J-B Weld

Acetone or lacquer thinner (J-B Weld prep)

Installation Instructions

1. Drain oil.

2. Remove side case oil filter cover, gasket, oil screen, and oil
screen gasket.

3. Remove footpeg, kick starter lever and tach cable.

4. Remove primary cover taking care to secure the four copper washers on the bottom screws.

5. Carefully clean all gasket surfaces, taking care not to damage the aluminum mating surfaces.

6. Test fit the adapter in the in oil (screen) filter recess. Some hand fitting of the raised edge lip may be necessary to get the adapter to bottom in the case. The photo below shows my final test fitting.

7. Using the two ¼”x20 tapped holes as drill guides, drill the case with a #7 or 13/64” drill.

8. Remove adapter, and drill case to ¼” using the pilot holes you have just drilled. I had to drill mine slightly larger to get the cap screws to line up.

9. Clean out any chips paying particular attention to the oil galleys.

10. Place the gasket in the oil filter recess and bolt the adapter in place with the two ¼”x20x¾” socket head cap screws, using the Loctite 620 supplied. I had to cut a bit of paper from the gasket to get the screw holes to line up. Here's the view from the reverse side showing the 2 socket head cap screws (Black) that hold the adapter in place.

11. Clean the OEM cover securing holes with acetone and a q-tip. Let dry completely.

12. Fill the holes with J-B Weld, leaving it just above the mating surface where the filter seals against the case. Here's a photo of the JB Weld in the holes.

13. Before the J-B weld hardens, (wait approximately 45 minutes) sand the surface smooth and blend in with the gasket mating surface. You can use the old cover as a sanding form.

Note: As JB Weld will sometimes shrink when curing, you may find a second application and second sanding is necessary. When I filled the holes the JB Weld rose above the surface but was below the surface after curing. In other words, you might need to repeat steps 12 and 13.

In the next photo I'm almost finished sanding the JB Weld.

Oil filter in place but not screwed down. Do not tighten your filter until final installation.
14. Reinstall clutch cover, with a new gasket and make sure to replace the four copper washers on the bottom screws.

15. Use the filter that came with your kit or pick one of the filters from the list below. Put a light coating of motor oil on the rubber seal on the mating side of the filter, install oil filter (and safety wire, if applicable).

16. Reinstall kick start lever, tach cable, and footpeg.

17. Fill with oil.

18. Kick or otherwise spin your engine a few times to move some oil into the filter then start and idle engine and check for leaks. Re-check oil level.

19. Enjoy.

With a little help from some threads at and, I determined that the following off-the-shelf filters might replace the filters that come with the kit, which weren't in my second hand kit because the guy who sold it to me on ebay forgot to toss the filter in the box even though he remembered to leave his receipt from 650Central. That said, I'm always fondest of motorcycle parts that can be bought anywhere auto parts are sold.

*Hi-Flo Filtro HF 303
*Mobil 1 M1-108 and M1-110
*K&N KN 303
*K&N (automotive) is a hp -1008
*Fram Ph6017A
*Purolator L14612, is shorter than PL14610
*Purolator PL14610, extended length, flows 7-9/9-11 gpm - conflicting info on flo as Purolator recommends against using automotive oil filters on motorcycles.
*AC Delco PF1237
*WIX 51365
*Hastings LF-113 short and LF- 240f is the longer version
*Amsoil EAO 103
*Napa Gold 1358
*NAPA 1356, flows 9-11 gpm, which is the equivalant to the Purolator PL14610 flows 7-9 gpm (but if you type in "PS" before any of the NAPA numbers, you come up with the powersports series which in the case of the NAPA 1365/PS1365, same as the PL14610 except about .825" shorter.)
*Purolator L14612
*Fram 303 is the shortest for the ZX14 (wonder if the hi-Flo 303 is the same height?)
*Walmart ST6607 and ST7317,,, they are made by Champion , same mfg as the Mobil 1 and Bosch filters.
*EMGO 10-82210 (May only be available in motorcycle shops and online.)

If I could read Dutch then I'm sure filter calculator this would be helpful.